Originally made for the I Can't Draw but Want to Make a Game (Again) Jam, using Godot 3.2.
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Welcome to the Between Dimension,

A place where direction is meaningless. You somehow got yourself lost here, with only the Dimenshift Device to help you. Use it to shift through walls and fight the machines, that for some reason don't like you.

Is there any escape from this void-ish place?


Gamepads are supported, and recommended. If you are playing on a mobile device, it is highly recommended to use a physical gamepad or keyboard.

Move: ASWD / Left Stick / D-Pad

Jump: Space / Any Face Button

Shift: Shift / Any Shoulder/Trigger Button

Pause: ESC / +/-

Dimenshift is in Active Development

Dimenshift is currently in an Alpha state, which means a lot can change between now and when the game officially releases. 

The good news is that you can see how the game changes over time, and maybe even help with the design! I'm open to any kind of feedback you may have. Found a bug? A certain level feel unfair?  Have a cool mechanic or design suggestion? Let me know, and I'll see what I can do about it.

The game will be free to play during Alpha (and possibly during Beta also), but I plan to charge a price that is to be determined for the game once it releases.

Future Updates:

The following are features I plan to include in the game's release:

  • Well over 60 levels.
  • An actual story and some lore. What are the origins of this strange place? You'll have the chance to learn more.
  • And perhaps more!

Dimenshift version 0.XIII.0


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Dimenshift (Windows) 94 MB
Dimenshift (Linux) 99 MB
Dimenshift (Mac) 60 MB
Dimenshift (Android) 65 MB

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Very fun game with an interesting, well-implemented mechanic.  One suggestion - there should probably be a visible indicator to show you where you are when shifted, like a dotted outline of the player.  I can see the ripples when walking, but it makes things very difficult during tricky jumps.


Thanks so much for playing, and for your feedback!

I intended for that to be part of the challenge, not knowing exactly where the player is. However, I've gotten similar feedback from others. How would you feel about it being a sort of difficulty or accessibility option?


Ehhh...I don't think it really adds anything to the game though.  "Tricky platforming" and "invisible character" are two concepts that just don't mix well.  There are better ways of adding challenge.

Okay, thanks, I appreciate it! I'll keep it in mind as I get more feedback.

Well done! I really liked sitting back and playing this with a controller. Very cool mechanic and level design. I look forward the future updates!

Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and appreciated the controller support.

I've gotten enough interest in this game I'll definitely keep working on it!

(Thanks for the follow, also)